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Our tech consultancy includes working with specialized Node.js, React, and PHP teams.

The James Webb Telescope. One of the best feats of modern engineering in the 21rst century. 

Over 150 Companies Worked With Us To Solve Their Problems

The Enterprise Web

At EtherTech, we harnesses the power of cloud technology & tech consultancy to offer flexibility and scalability for all businesses. We start with the biggest problems and ideate on the best solutions. Cross-domain integration is a way to facilitate collaboration and streamline processes. Our team of skilled professionals provides expert support, ensuring a smooth transition to the enterprise web and ongoing assistance whenever needed.

Agile Teams on Demand

Staff augmentation for backend, frontend, database, quality assurance, and product marketing teams is a comprehensive approach that empowers businesses to bolster their capabilities across multiple critical areas. By augmenting these teams with skilled professionals, companies can effectively address the diverse technical and marketing needs of their projects.

Process Automation

In-house R&D teams and engineering capabilities allow businesses to develop tailor-made automation solutions to fit their specific needs. This flexibility from our tech consultancy ensures that the automation systems align perfectly with existing workflows and requirements.

SAAS Development

Ether Tech takes a holistic and innovative approach to support founders and in-house teams by offering a continuous beta experience that encompasses market research, focus groups, engineering, and product-led growth. Through this unique approach, Ether Tech provides valuable marketing and development intelligence, empowering businesses to thrive and succeed in a competitive landscape.


Reducing Theft & Wastage At Pharmaceutical Factories

The main aim of this paper is to outline all the applications of RFID in the pharmaceutical industry. We discuss how information hiding techniques could be used with RFID to offer efficient expiry date management, pharmaceutical tamper detection, and fraud detection and prevention.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Tech Consultancy

We’re open to working with any industry. as our team’s strategy, project management, and development skills proved to be effective in blockchain, MedTech, or even government projects.

There are of course industries for which we offer more refined experience and they include: Events; FinTech and banking; Travel; Marketplaces; Real estate, Marketing; Logistics & Transportation. Visit the Industries page to learn about our project expertise in these fields.

We have recently completed the digital transformation project for a large hospital. The outcome of the project is to enhance the patient experience through digital channels, such as mobile apps or patient portals, enabling online appointment scheduling, access to medical records, and communication with healthcare providers.

We’ve done custom software development for businesses of over 500+ employees. The largest software suite we’ve prepared was adopted by 500,000 users from several countries.

Since we work in Agile, we’re confident there’s a way to adjust to your company’s processes. The Software House also offers self-project-management through our PM to help with distributing project responsibilities. We can join a project at any stage of the software development life cycle.

We’re highly collaborative. From the early years, we shaped our software development firm to be an understanding and flexible partner that adjusts to the client’s development process.

We follow an Agile process that was refined over the 12 years since the founding. You set the metrics, help us grasp the business know-how, and our product team will present you with a predictable development plan with a clearly defined budget and deliverables. Should you need it, The Software House is ready to advise you on strategy, technology choice, and project management methods.