Vehicle Tracking Website

Nitol Niloy Bangladesh

Completed In: 2019


The website should prominently display the company’s range of vehicle tracking solutions, including GPS tracking devices, software features, and any other relevant offerings. Clear and detailed product descriptions with visuals will help potential customers understand the benefits of each solution.

Highlight Features and Benefits: Emphasize the unique features and advantages of the company’s tracking solutions. Use engaging content and visuals to demonstrate how these solutions can address the specific needs of different customers, such as fleet management, theft prevention, and real-time tracking.

Scope of Work

Project Management



Content Development

Server Deployment



Payment Gateway Integration: Integrating a secure and reliable payment gateway into the website allows customers to make online payments for purchasing vehicle tracking solutions and related services. This feature is crucial as it enables the company to accept payments from various sources, such as credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, and other popular online payment methods. The payment gateway should comply with industry security standards to ensure the safety of customers’ financial information during transactions.

Customer Signup: Implementing a customer signup or registration feature lets visitors create accounts on the website. This can provide several advantages, such as:

a. Personalized Experience: Registered customers can have personalized dashboards, access to their order history, and preferences, making it easier for them to manage their interactions with the company.

b. Faster Checkout: Registered users can save their billing and shipping details, simplifying the checkout process for future purchases.

c. Newsletter Subscriptions: The company can use customer signups to offer newsletters, product updates, and promotional materials, allowing for direct communication and building a loyal customer base.

Integration with In-House ERP: Integrating the website with the company’s in-house Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is essential for smooth business operations. The ERP integration ensures that data related to orders, inventory, customer information, and other aspects are automatically synchronized between the website and the company’s internal systems. Benefits of ERP integration include:

a. Order Processing: Orders placed through the website can be automatically processed in the ERP system, streamlining fulfillment and reducing manual work.

b. Customer Data: Customer details, such as contact information and order history, can be updated across systems, allowing for better customer service and support.

c. Analytics and Reporting: Integrating with ERP enables the generation of comprehensive reports on sales, inventory, and customer behavior, aiding in decision-making and business analysis.


Staging Environment