Intern, Software Development

About Us:

Ether Technologies Ltd is a software development and IT solutions company specializing in Content Management Systems (CMS) and Software as a Service (SAAS) products. While our core expertise lies in CMS and product management solutions, we also excel in developing a wide range of software and IT solutions tailored to solve real-world problems. Our mission is to leverage cutting-edge technologies to create compelling SAAS products and deliver innovative IT solutions to meet the diverse needs of the global marketplace.

Technical Responsibilities:-

Coding and Development:
-Write, test, and debug code as assigned.
-Assist in the development of software applications and components.
-Implement features and fix bugs under the guidance of senior developers.

Code Review and Collaboration:
-Participate in code reviews to learn best practices and improve code quality.
-Collaborate with team members using version control systems like Git.

-Write and maintain documentation for the codebase and software applications.
-Create user manuals or guides if required.

-Assist in the creation and execution of test plans.
-Perform unit testing, integration testing, and regression testing.

Learning and Development:-

Learning New Technologies:
-Stay updated with the latest industry trends and technologies.
-Learn and apply new programming languages or frameworks as needed.

-Work closely with mentors and senior developers to gain practical experience.
-Receive feedback and work on improving coding and problem-solving skills.

Project Participation:-

-Requirement Gathering and Analysis:
-Participate in meetings to understand project requirements.
-Assist in the analysis and design of software solutions.

Agile/Scrum Participation:
-Attend daily stand-ups, sprint planning, and retrospective meetings.
-Work on assigned tasks in accordance with Agile methodologies.

Support and Maintenance:-

Technical Support:
-Provide technical support to users or clients under supervision.
-Troubleshoot and resolve software issues.

-Assist in maintaining and updating existing software applications.
-Ensure the software is running smoothly and efficiently.

Soft Skills:-

-Communicate effectively with team members and stakeholders.
-Report progress and any challenges faced during development.

-Work collaboratively within a team.
-Be open to feedback and willing to assist others.

Time Management:
-Manage time effectively to balance multiple tasks and meet deadlines.
-Prioritize tasks based on project needs and deadlines.

These responsibilities provide a well-rounded experience, helping interns develop both their technical and professional skills in a real-world environment.

-Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering.
-Excellent communication, presentation and networking skills.
-Ability to work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.

Employment Status: Full Time
Salary: Negotiable
Working days: 5 days a week

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